Give the Gift of Dance this Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day coming up, have you decided what to get your loved one? Flowers, chocolates and teddies are all great gifts but nothing compares to memories made together.

Communication is important in any relationship. But we are not talking about speaking at each other, but rather non-verbal communication. When learning to dance, you don't just learn to do the steps; you learn to move together as a unit...two people moving as one.

At D'Angelo Dance Academy we can ensure that your private lesson is tailored to your personal preference. Whether you want to waltz away together, light it up at the Copacabana with a Samba or get close with a passionate Rumba, dance lessons can make any date night extraordinary.

To book your lesson, contact us via our website or at

Don't go for the cliches this Valentine's Day, make memories for a lifetime.

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